Handle Bitcoins in simple measures

Accepting bitcoins is easy. In any shop, bar or cafe, integration is easy and free . Anyone who already accepts Bitcoins as a way of payment, incidentally, you see under the acceptance points.

bitcoin qr codeSetup Bitcoin Wallet

As defined under Bitcoin Wallet, you can possibly use an on the web wallet or use a wallet yourself. This description explains the set up exemplarily by the web wallet . This wallet offers all the features you need free of charge. Your Bitcoin Wallet will be accessible immediately after registering. The interior is very fast and uncomplicated.

Print the QR code

So that your customers can pay with bitcoins and you can agree to bitcoins, you need a QR code. The QR code is made up of your Bitcoin address to which your customers mail the bitcoins. In your account on blockchain.details you will see the QR code.

With the QR code you have got two options.

Printed QR code: You own a Bitcoin QR Code Generator next to your money register and your customers manually go into the invoice volume on their mobile phone.

QR code on a display: For each payment you reveal to your visitors a person QR code. This has the benefit that the invoice quantity is included straight in the QR code. Your visitors no longer need to enter the total amount manually. This causes this technique less error-prone.

Bitcoin accepted in this article show sticker

Present the Bitcoin accepted here sticker on the store entrance. The integration is now complete. Congratulations!

Extra hints and material to download on how to easily accept bitcoins can stick to shortly.

Customers pay

You can find out how exactly to pay from a person point of view under ‘Paying with Bitcoins ‘. Further notes on what you have to pay attention to come soon at this point.

Accept security areas of Bitcoins

Treat bitcoins as well as your wallet how you would cash. If you need to simply accept bitcoins, it is good for use an on-line wallet. But generate frequent backups. How, become familiar with soon at this point.

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