Alexa not available: Echo Dot loudspeaker with severe interference

Image result for AlexaOnline giant Amazon is currently struggling with a serious disruption to Alexa. The language assistant can not connect to the internet. The device stops and therefore does not respond to commands.

Since Wednesday morning, users can not run voice assistant Alexa through the echo dot speakers. In social networks, the evidence of a large-scale disorder piling up.
The Group confirms the problems via Twitter. It says: “We know the problem and work internally on a quick fix, thank you for your patience and understanding”.
The reason for the failure is unclear. Nor is it known how many users are affected.

Alexa is considered a pioneer among language assistants

Amazon established the category of smart speakers with digital assistants on board with the Echo devices and Alexa. It is now a highly competitive market. Alexa can play music on demand, read the latest news or calculate routes.

Competitor Google is massively trying to implement its Google Assistant in its own and third-party speakers. Apple again launched the HomePod loudspeaker with its assistant Siri a few months ago.

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